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Awards & Accolades 


Education & Training 

After earning his doctor of medicine degree in his native India, Dr. Singh relocated to the United States to receive advanced medical training and additional experience at the University School of Medicine in Las Vegas, NV. When participating in his residency and internship at this location, he was able to work with some of the most skilled practitioners in the industry and discovered his passion for nephrology, the study of kidney function. He then attended a nephrology fellowship at the University of Kansas where he developed a wide range of medical skills and was able to train under leaders in his field.

Specialties & Expertise 

At RareV, Dr. Singh oversees the operations of his aesthetic-focused treatment area. Serving as a medical director with a highly skilled team of aestheticians under his guidance, he offers a range of services to address anti-aging, complexion concerns, hair loss, lax skin, and more. Dr. Singh is motivated by the opportunity to help women and men improve on issues that get in the way of their ability to enjoy life, whether these problems are caused by physical disorders or cosmetic insecurities. Some of his most popular services at RareV include injectable treatments (BOTOX, XEOMIN, JUVÉDERM, and Radiesse), nonsurgical skin tightening, PRP hair loss therapy, facials, IPL, laser skin resurfacing, and radiofrequency (RF) body contouring.

Societies & Accomplishments  

Along with his board certifications in nephrology and internal medicine, Dr. Singh also holds a chair on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV. Throughout his career, he has presented his research a number of times at the American College of Physicians chapter events. He also actively participates with the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada.

Dr. Singh was recognized and inducted on the list of Top 100 Doctors by Las Vegas Magazine in 2019. Other achievements of his include his status as a Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology (FASN), receiving the Thumbs-Up Award from the University of Nevada's School of Medicine, and earning the EKG Excellence Award. He has also been acknowledged as the top nephrologist in Nevada by Health Tap, a mobile app that pairs patients with practitioners.


On the days he's not seeing patients, Dr. Singh enjoys a number of recreational activities to keep his mind and body healthy. He is particularly fond of ballroom dancing and visiting museums, and he is even a certified scuba diver and has a large amount of respect for the risk it involves. He also enjoys riding horseback at his friend's ranch when he has downtime. One of Dr. Singh's deep passion in life is helping patients receive access to high-quality healthcare. This is because he believes — and has seen firsthand — that having effective medical care can impact a person's life for the better.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly trained and skilled professionals. Our healthcare professionals properly diagnose and treat primary care concerns and take a holistic approach to patient care. Further than that, office operations are ran smoothly, ensuring every patient has an outstanding and unique experience. Every team member keeps our values and vision in the center of their work.

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Dr. Singh

Raj Singh M.D., FACP, FASN, practices at HEALOR and RARE V in Las Vegas, Nevada, assistant professor at the University of Las Vegas School of Medicine and adjunct assistant professor at the Touro University Nevada. Dr. Singh earned his bachelor’s in medicine and bachelor’s in surgery in India and then moved to the United States for an opportunity to pursue higher education. With board certification by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons, Nephrology ABMS and Internal Medicine ABIM, Dr. Singh chairs the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. He has presented many research papers on his findings at the American College of Physicians (ACP) chapter events. Dr. Singh volunteers with the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada. In 2019, Las Vegas Magazine named him to its list of “Top 100 Docs” in a continuing series recognizing outstanding performance by Vegas INC, Health Care Quarterly and others. His achievements include recognition as a Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology and receipt of the EKG Excellence Award and the “Thumbs-up Award” from the University of Nevada’s School of Medicine and designation by Health Tap as its Top Nephrologist in Nevada. A frequent presenter at conferences and a guest on local media, Dr. Singh provides advanced training in medicine and aesthetics for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other health care professionals at Empire Medical Training. His courses teach advanced techniques in wellness, anti-aging, aesthetics, male and female sexual dysfunction, medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapies that can enhance an existing practice. At UNLV and the University Medical Center, he trains residents and shares his experience and expertise with physicians who pursue higher education in specialties such as cardiology, surgery, oncology and gastroenterology. Meeting the Doctor The passion for the field of medicine with a focus on overall health, hormone balancing, medical weight loss and ant-aging therapies that Dr. Raj P. Singh M.D., FACP, FASN brings to his students and patients started with his aptitude for pharmacology and his love of organic chemistry. In medical school, he won recognition as the best pharmacology student, an achievement that led to his interest in nephrology. Through his medical practice and presentations at educational institutions and conferences, he promotes the art and science of overall fitness and comprehensive health management. At only age 43, Dr. Singh has filled his young life with achievement, purpose and dedication to serving others. He credits his national recognition to the insights that he has gained from his passion for organic chemistry and human physiology. “They have been instrumental in my ability to understand the human body at a cellular level,” he states in his typically understated manner. With opportunities to make presentations to national conferences on anti-aging, Dr. Singh regards them as special honors that matter significantly to him as an avenue for sharing his approach to medicine. His dedication to serving others provides the most advanced care for his patients, and his compassion for healing and well-being deepens his commitment to helping everyone achieve a healthy lifestyle. The peace of mind that patients can receive from having access to effective health care can contribute significantly to the quality of life. When not resolving patient issues or studying lab results, Dr. Singh enjoys a range of activities that provide relaxation. A certified NAUI scuba diver, he appreciates the diversion that risk brings. In less venturous pursuits, the young doctor finds ballroom dancing and visits to museums both pleasing and enjoyable. When time allows, he rides horses at a friend’s ranch home. Preparing for a Life in Medicine Born and raised in the Punjab province of northern India, Dr. Singh moved to the United States to pursue advanced medical degrees at the University School of Medicine in Las Vegas. During his residency, he found common ground and mutual interests with the physicians and scholars at the Kidney Specialists of South NV in Las Vegas, enhancing his critical interests in nephrology. Kidney function affects vital functions throughout the body, and Dr. Singh’s dedicated study provides patients with exceptional access to knowledge of essential issues. Diabetes, eating disorders, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, immune system deficiency, scleroderma, urinary problems and many other conditions affect kidney function, and Dr. Singh’s expertise in nephrology places him in a position of leadership in the field. Emphasizing Accessibility The concern for the health of his patients inspires Dr. Singh to offer unprecedented access to exceptional services at Healor . A believer in making medical care available to everyone regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay, Dr. Singh adopts a personal approach to patients that once established the gold standard of care. His concern for his patients’ issues and their well-being allows him to invite them to call whenever they need immediate attention. With a dedicated commitment to significantly improving his patients’ quality of life and life expectancy, he prepares a comprehensive, individual treatment plan to address specific needs. At Healor , patients can obtain a comprehensive program that makes health care affordable through a flat monthly rate and provides unlimited access. He reaches out to the community by providing care to the most-needy patients with low-cost medications and health care. His practice serves as an NHSC site where anyone who falls below 100 percent of the federal poverty line can receive highly discounted or even free care. By providing access to his wholesale pharmacy, Dr. Singh offers prescription drugs at prices that include no profit to his practice but help ensure the treatment that patients need. The delivery of exceptional medical services motivates him to offer the finest quality of care at affordable prices to the Las Vegas community through a unique approach that exists nowhere else in the state. Presenting a Challenge As a popular speaker at medical conventions, Dr. Singh emphasizes the importance for physicians to incorporate anti-aging into programs that can benefit the young and the senior population. His approach to medicine treats existing conditions and focuses on prevention through anti-aging, wellness, hormone management and therapy for sexual dysfunction. Issues that concern ordinary people in everyday lives motivate Dr. Singh to find treatments that help ensure them of a better quality of life. He obtains personal satisfaction by helping transgender patients go through a peaceful transition that releases a true expression of self without barriers and limitations. At Healor Primary Care and Seven Heart Spa in Las Vegas. Dr. Singh leads the field in adhering to standards that reject the traditional symptom and drug-based approach. He thrives on exploring the complex world of the body’s chemical interactions, and he travels to medical conferences at home and abroad to share his depth of understanding with others. In his medical conference presentations, he challenges other physicians to adopt an expanded approach that offers alternatives to traditional regimens. Typical medical training involves learning about only one way of practicing medicine that relies on writing prescriptions and developing symptom-based treatments. To introduce an alternative approach, Dr. Singh challenges doctors to incorporate functional medicine in addition to traditional methods in their practices to improve the health of their patients. He believes and knows from experience that the body has enormous restorative powers that let it repair from within. The challenge invites other physicians to rely less on prescriptions and more on a holistic approach to medicine.

About Us

RareV Med Spa Las Vegas is curated around the concept of affordable yet most advanced skin care possible. We acheive this by utilizing state of the art 3D skin analysis to diagnose skin issues. Our team is led by national aesthetic trainer Dr. Raj Singh. We house the most advanced skin care equipment available and our RARE VIP membership offers unbeatable prices in the area. Guaranteed!