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Hair Loss Treatment

While hair loss can make both men and women alike feel insecure and frustrated, there are a number of services available to help address the issue.



Hair Loss Treatment

This client was evaluated at RareV, where a check and consultation was done, as well as lab testing to check for hypothyroidism, diabetes, hormone levels and a nutritional check.

With a nerve block and the aid of a cryochiller, she was treated with platelet-rich plasma, in addition to red light therapy. This client was also given nutritional supplementation and compounded topical hair.


40 - 49




Mixed Race

What is Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss is a big concern for many men and women, whether the issue is brought on by age, genetics, hormones, medical conditions, or improper styling practices and damaging products. However, owing to recent advances in the field of hair restoration, select facilities are now able to offer innovative solutions to address the thinning or gradual loss of hair. At RareV, our aesthetic team performs revolutionary treatments to help strengthen the hair follicles and enhance the quantity and quality of a person's hair, such as PRP and red light therapy. Both of these treatments have shown promising results for patients with alopecia areata. By combining regenerative techniques and advanced technologies, our professionals in Las Vegas, NV can help you achieve the results you want.

Who can get Hair Loss Treatment?

Anyone who has noticed thinning or balding could potentially be an ideal candidate for hair loss treatment with those in the earliest of hair loss often receiving the best results. PRP and red light therapy are best performed for patients who are not at a significant level of hair loss because these treatments cannot restore dead follicles. They can only strengthen follicles that are still present, allowing them to produce thicker, longer hair that falls out much less easily. Individuals with sections of "weak quality" hair growth on the scalp with fully intact follicles will generally see the most dramatic outcomes with nonsurgical hair loss treatment.

How is it done?

At RareV, our team offers two effective approaches to help improve a patient's hair growth and restore the quality of their hair: PRP therapy and low-level light therapy (red light therapy). A minimally invasive procedure, PRP therapy is usually completed in around an hour at our Las Vegas, NV office. This treatment begins with a member of our team taking a small sample of your blood. Once drawn, it is placed into our highly advanced centrifuge machine, which separates the platelet-rich plasma and other helpful growth factors from the blood. We then administer a local anesthetic to the scalp and administer the PRP injections. After this, we will perform microneedling throughout the treatment area to create micro-channels into the skin and encourage the PRP to seep deep within the scalp. Meanwhile, red light therapy (sometimes called low-level laser therapy) is performed with a special head cap device that administers light energy to the entirety of the scalp, stimulating a process called photobiotherapy. This works by promoting increased blood flow throughout the scalp to enhance the strength of the follicles, as well as their size. Both of these techniques may require individuals to come in for periodic retreatment sessions to ensure that their scalp continues to produce thicker, longer hair.

Results after treatment

There is typically no recovery period needed after either of these treatments, and patients usually receive no limits or restrictions to follow after their session. Depending on the service you get, you may notice some redness and minor swelling or discomfort of the treated regions, which can last up to two days but will gradually dissipate. While results differ for each patient, aesthetic outcomes are typically noticed approximately 4 – 6 months after the initial session and will continue to improve for as much as a full year following treatment. It's very important to be aware that nonsurgical hair treatment does not grow new hair follicles in places where you are already bald. Instead, it is utilized to help reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles so they will create healthier, thicker, longer hair fibers.

Hair loss does not have to be forever

Hair loss is a pervasive issue that affects both men and women, and it can be caused by a range of factors. However, there are nonsurgical treatments available to help individuals achieve improved hair growth and follicle strengthening. If you've noticed thinning, balding, or patchy regions of your scalp and think you may be a candidate for PRP or red light therapy, reach out to our Las Vegas, NV office. At RareV, we take the time to develop a customized treatment plan that works for you and helps you attain your goals.

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